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Pet Friendly

Eclipse Artificial Grass | Family Friendly Artificial Turf

Tired of muddy paws and unwanted mess? Want a soft feel surface that’s clean and soft all year round for your pet/s? Why not install pet friendly artificial grass for your furry friends?

Artificial grass has many benefits for pets


Can withstands wear and tear caused by claws and paws

Experts in laying the correct base making your garden permeable to urine

Ticks, fleas and other parasites cannot survive in artificial grass

No harmful chemicals are used

Low maintenance

Won’t turn yellow or brown

Easy to clean

Soft feel all year round

No sand infill required

South Coast Artificial Grass recommends that our customers regularly hose their grass. During excessive dry periods in the summer, this is even more important. Our bases are built to drain urine. It is important that you wash ammonia through.


There are products available to help with any unwanted smells. As a company, we highly recommend Zeolite.

Pet and Family Friendly Artificial Turf

With artificial grass you have a low maintenance garden, no weeding, watering or mowing to worry about so you can spend more time enjoying it. It can be used anywhere, lawns, patios, roof gardens, terraces, balconies, children’s play areas, around swimming pools or hot tubs and much more.

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Transform your garden with artificial grass

Artificial grass is:

Child and pet safe.
Fully permeable.
Various lengths and grades.
Uv resistant.
Picture perfect lawn all year round.
Low cost.
Eco friendly.
Reduce allergies.


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